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SmarTap Showers Save Water & Money

Rescuecom, April 18, 2013


Water is a precious resource. Many parts of the world regularly experience water shortages. To help conserve water used for showers, SmarTap, an Israeli company, has developed a digital shower system for homes and commercial use. Currently undergoing testing at hotels, it should go on sale to commercial customers by the end of 2013 and to consumers in 2014.

The SmarTap system saves water, energy and money by controlling water temperature and flow. It can also prevent burning the skin. The company says people will not notice if their shower uses 30 percent less water.

Asaf Shaltiel, SmarTap CEO and founder, is a former Intel engineer. Shaltiel founded SmarTap in 2009. He got the idea after his sister had twins who needed their bath at an exact temperature.

He told RESCUECOM, “SmarTap introduces the first ever shower system that brings a ROI. Hotels and other multishower facilities (hospitals, spas, army camps, etc.) will enjoy not only the ability to measure accurately the amount of hot/cold water being used, but also actively plan and execute a reduction of water and energy expenses, monitor the building pressure inside the pipes, and the ability to disinfect Legionella bacteria remotely and automatically.”

SmarTap is especially attractive to the hotel market. You can control the whole network of showerheads from one location via an Internet-connected computer dashboard. SmarTap estimates the return on a hotel’s investment in the showerheads would be one to three years, depending on if it is a new installation or a retrofit.

Hotels will need to keep their computers working to control the SmarTap shower system. For computer repair at any time, contact trustworthy professionals.

“The unique and patented digital shower system SmarTap developed, the e-cartridge, sets new standards for a significant reduction of water consumption and energy usage in showers,” Shaltiel explained. “It intends to replace the mechanical-thermostatic systems commonly used today.”  

The system consists of an electronic cartridge, shower interface and a remote control. SmarTap produces the internal mechanisms in the electronic cartridge for other manufacturers to add to electronic faucet designs. This microprocessor is the brain, powered by four D batteries or an external power source of 6V DC. The cartridge installs easily on a wall. Its patented technology meets industry standards for the United States and Europe.

SmarTap won the Eco-innovation award at the 2013 CleanTech Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company has partnerships with companies in Germany and Italy to manufacture and sell SmarTap products.

Global network service helps people communicate with others throughout the world, no matter where they are located.

“SmarTap’s strategic plan is to integrate its technology in every water utility in the house,” Shaltiel said. “In the future, our technology will be able to introduce smart water – allowing you to control, monitor and reduce the water used in the kitchen, basin and toilet.”

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