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SmarTap to present at Bezeq smart home model

SmarTap's Website, July 12, 2015

Ikea SmarTap

Bezeq, Israel’s leading telecommunications service provider, Has chosen SmarTap as one of its partners in Bhome – Bezeq Smart home service.

Bhome is the first of its kind in Israel. The service allows users to manage and remotely monitor what is happening in their house, and master a variety of controls via the Smartphone .

At this Cooperation SmarTap will install and implement the e-Valve at a Demo smart house Bezeq is building together with IKEA Israel.

SmarTap technology was chosen over tens of other IoT technologizies, emphasizing Bezeq vision of a fully control Smart home, and its Belief that SmarTap platform is a bridge between the Smart home and automated water systems.

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