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Terralab – The first Impact Incubator in Israel

New Science, August 3, 2014

Terra Technology Incubator Lab High-Tech Park in Yokneam was launched only six months ago by Terra Venture Capital Venture Partners, initiated by two scientists - Dr. Harold Wiener, a chemist, and Dr. Astorre Modena - a physicist.

So why save the world instead of developing applications? Or maybe it all comes together?

Today, in a world about seven billion people. By 2040 this number will be added to two billion people. According to a UN report released recently, if there is no radical change in the attitude of countries in terms of fuel consumption, energy, water, food and air, in 30 years from now, a third of the world's population, will be a real existential threat from pollution , poverty and hunger. Many will be surprised, but the technological solutions that will enable us to maintain the current living standards and improve it for future generations, they mostly exist are getting smarter by the day. The problem is that as long as this depends on governments and organizations Gdolim- app really comes into.

So what's the solution? Give access to technologies that solve major global challenges, those that are facing humanity in the 21st century, the way that serves the people and the population of the planet, on a daily basis and to Al Way "also contribute to the welfare of the world.

For example, when our houses will Researchers' "- we all consume electricity and water sparingly significantly from what is happening today, and how to enjoy all the benefits of technological progress that will improve our standard of living. These are precisely the projects which invests in new greenhouse.

Projects that will save us money and never - air pollution

One of the most interesting projects of the Terra Foundation called " Liinom- Linum "Israeli solar air conditioner (and global) first. Israelis suffering the scorching sun in summer, we, as well as our wallet, we would appreciate a lot more to this technology in the near future. This is the simple, quiet air conditioner, home air conditioner is similar in appearance, but instead of connecting three wire wall, chimney comes up in her room, the air conditioner can operate in hybrid mode, ie, both electric and solar operation, and there is an additional mode of using only solar (operated by Solar system installed on the roof of the house / building.) This means a huge sun holdings are those that allow cool air conditioner in your home to work. The company noted that besides air pollution reduction conditioner can save more than 50% of annual electricity costs the merger.

Another initiative is the company's smart valve " SmarTap "This is a water intake system which integrates with Trend digital home and remote automatic control using the application. In fact, the system "recognizes" the user's personal consumption and Ttcoonn according to their needs, so while saving water quantities. If the private user it is a significant savings, imagine the savings in hotels, hospitals and nursing homes, where huge savings. Today technology has been assimilated in the hotel, "Daniel" in Herzliya and Tel Aviv David Intercontinental and was due to tax 'more hotels in the near future. This means the system mainly in Israel precipitation door, saving important resource is diminishing, according to the company, the system saves water and electricity in more than 30 %.

Greenhouse thought too frustrated drivers in city centers; Company named "sPARK", has developed a mobile application that allows solving a loss of time, money and fuel searching for parking in town centers. The application locates available parking spaces and car parks through the streets leading mobile driver free parking.

Is Israeli entrepreneurs really want to impact the world?

Barak Goldstein, CEO of greenhouse TerraLab, who is responsible for the investment strategy of the greenhouse say that as of today, inclination of most investors and leading businessmen, is to pursue trends and areas "hot" where you can make money fast.

Hammamet TerraLab chose to fly the flag for investment in the Impact Technologies, which requires stamina and sometimes long-term observation, similar to the life science industry currently enjoying a golden age. However, Israel has enough bright minds and great programmers to challenge themselves a bit more complex technologies on the one hand, but on the other hand more influence. We are investing heavily in the development of Israel's ecosystem and creating understanding that sustainable solutions are those that solve significant global challenges. We hope that there will come a generation of entrepreneurs who can in ten years to strengthen the Israeli economy and contribute to the world ".


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