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TerraLab incubator hosts EU economic attachés

Globes, December 17, 2014

EU Delegation

The diplomats saw four start-ups at the Terra Vneture Partners incubator in Yokneam.

TerraLab incubator in Yokneam hosted a delegation of 20 economic attachés from twelve EU countries yesterday, showing them the start-ups affiliated with the incubator.

The visit was intended to create partnerships between EU countries, Terra Venture Partners, and the Israeli start-up companies in which the incubator has invested, with the aim of bringing about significant  global impact.

The event was led by Terra VP Managing Partner, Dr. Astorre Modena. The European economic delegation was led by European Commision Israel trade division delegation head, Luigi Pratolongo.

During two-hours, the European delegation was introduced to four high-tech companies that participate in teh program and receive assistance from teh TerraLab incubator: sPARK, Phoebus Energy, SmarTap, and FieldIn.

Terra VP Managing Director, Dr. Astorre Modena, said "We are happy to host the delegation of economic attachés from the EU countries and to show them an incubator in which start-ups that may be considered the 'cream of teh crop' of teh future of Israel's high-tech industry participate. The fund's financing model, which has earned teh support of teh Chief Scientist at a rate of close to 1:6, affords the companies that gain acceptance to the incubator fantastic terms, which allow them to focus on teh developments for which they were founded. The fund and the incubator have a fruitful partnership with a variety of leading international corporations, such as Veolia, and GE, and they gain exposure to the brilliant solutions offered by the Israeli start-ups that can have a positive influence around the world."

Terra VP partner and incubator CEO, Barak Goldstein said:" At a time when calls for an economic boycott of Israel and its products are being voiced around the world, there is a great importance to meetings between senior European parties and Israeli start-ups. The European Commission and its economic attachés are the ones who can open the doors for Israeli companies to European markets, investors, and customers."













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